Witness Statements

Witness Statements

It is fundamental to your claim to submit full and correct evidence at court.

Oral evidence can be given at the hearing and Certificates of Service can be filed, but a witness statement setting out all of the facts of the tenancy and the claim is the best form of supporting your case.

Most Judges/Courts prefer a witness statement setting out the facts of the case. It has been known for some Judges to adjourn cases if there is no witness statement, even with a Certificate of Service in place. To avoid this risk, a witness statement is crucial, including service of the notice and ensure to provide the tenant/s with a copy of the statement.


Call or email us if you wish for us to draft a Witness Statement to support your claim at court, or if you wish to use our document checking service.


Call or email us if you have received a claim for possession and wish to submit a witness statement in reply, setting out your circumstances.

Note this is not a legal aid service. A nominal but reasonable fee applies.

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