If you have received a Notice Seeking Possession, Claim Form or Notice of Warrant of Eviction (Bailiff Appointment) and not sure what to do, you have searched the internet, or the Citizens Advice Bureau (amongst other avenues) and are still unsure, Landlord Litigation can look over your documents and advise you of the content and process which follows, for a fixed fee. You may have to vacate the property at some point, so the sooner you start looking for alternative accommodation, the better for you. Landlord Litigation will help you understand the process and timings.

If your housing benefit has stopped and you are overwhelmed by the process, Landlord Litigation can liaise with the council (with your permission) and help you with forms, in an attempt to have payments re-instated, inform your landlord and try to avoid your eviction. A fixed fee applies for this service.

Do NOT stop communicating with your landlord or agent. Most landlords and agents are approachable. They are generally more lenient and understanding if they are kept informed of your circumstance and your plans to fix the problem. Eviction is not taken lightly and is only a last resort.

Julie Herbert has come across a few rogue landlords and letting agents over the years and is fully aware that they still exist. Fortunately for Julie, her landlord/agent clients have been respectable, decent and law abiding when it comes to conforming to policies, procedures and legislation. Frustratingly, the rogue landlords and rogue agents are tarring the good ones with the same brush and it is crippling for the good landlords and agents, when the never-ending red tape of legal requirements is a costly and lengthy exercise, usually ignored by the rogue offenders with the good ones indirectly picking up the cost. Rid the industry of the rogue landlords and agents by reporting them.

Note: This is not a Legal Aid service. Reasonable Fixed Fees Apply.

Contact Landlord Litigation for a Same Day Response

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