Rent Demand

Rent Demand

If your tenant fails to pay some or all of their rent for a period of time, they have breached the contract.

In the event a possession claim is required, the court will be looking at evidence from the landlord as to when and how rent reminders and arrears chasing letters were sent.

A Rent Demand Letter is a less informal way of chasing a tenant for the unpaid rent. If your tenant is usually a good payer, it may be that a gentle reminder by way of Rent Demand Letter does the trick and prompts them to arrange their finances, or at least to communicate with you as to any financial difficulty that they are experiencing. The Rent Demand Letter is evidence that a reminder was sent to the tenant, as was an olive branch to discuss any financial issues.

If the tenant fails to clear the arrears and accrues additional arrears, a Section 8 Notice is the next step and is more formal. Grounds 8, 10 & 11 cover the grounds for rent arrears and it is advisable to include all 3 in the same notice.


Call or email us if you wish us to serve a Rent Demand Letter for you, or if you wish to use our document checking service.


If you have been served with a Rent Demand Letter or a Section 8 Notice Seeking Possession, call or email us for advice. We strive to communicate with your landlord or agent in an attempt to resolve the reason for the notice where practically possible.

Note this is not a legal aid service. A nominal but reasonable checking fee is payable.

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