We recognise that being a landlord can be a minefield of red tape, jargon and confusing procedures.

At Landlord Litigation we strive to provide landlords with clear, no jargon advice and clear communication. We offer a more tailored and personal service, investing time with landlords at the start, by listening and understanding their needs and objectives, so that we can achieve the best possible outcome.

When expert help is needed, we recognise that at this point, communication has broken down between landlord and tenant. If a tenant is in arrears, but the landlord is happy for the tenant to stay in the property, provided the arrears are cleared, Landlord Litigation can liaise with the tenant and council to try and find a solution best for all parties.

Eviction isn’t always the answer, but when it is, we act accurately and efficiently in drafting Notices Seeking Possession, issuing Claims for Possession and instructing Bailiff’s.

We also offer landlords a document checking service, which is a cost saving service for those who draft and issue their own notices and claim forms.

We do not overstretch our workload, as we believe it is imperative that clients are treated fairly and with due care and attention.

Whatever the reason for needing possession, we will make the process much smoother and will communicate with you throughout.

Notices Seeking Possession:-

If you wish for us to serve a section 8 notice, section 21 notice or Notice to Quit, contact us for an immediate response. We will ask you a few important questions and will need you to email your tenancy documents to us.

We will not ask you to complete a lengthy convoluted form before we can act. We understand that time is money and you need the notice served as soon as possible. Once you have instructed us, we can act without delay.

Landlord & Tenant Legal Documents:-

We can provide you with a tenancy document package and guidance notes, such as template tenancy agreements, template Section 8 and 21 Notices, template Prescribed Information, How to Rent Guide, EPC Guide, Gas Safety Guide and more.

If you need peace of mind over your own documents, we offer a document checking service, where you can email or post your documents to us and we will review, summarise and provide you with any recommendations to ensure your documents are up to date with legislation.

Fees & Services

Notices Seeking Possession: Section 8, Section 21, Notice to Quit

We will serve any Notice Seeking Possession by first class and recorded delivery post.

£60 (1 notice) £80 (2 notices)
personal hand delivery of notices is available at an additional fee.

Process Server to Hand Deliver Notices & Documents

Kent £80
Sussex £100
London £120
Outer regions on enquiry.

Price includes signed statement of service and is in addition to the notice fee.

Checking Service

If you have drafted or served your own eviction documents and you need peace of mind over their validity, we can check them for you:-

Notices – £25
Possession Claims – £75

If you need peace of mind over your tenancy documents, we can review, summarise and provide you with recommendations, to ensure you are up to date with legislation – £200

Possession Claim (Section 8)

Draft & Issue court proceedings, arrange and brief court representation, advise and communicate through to conclusion.

*£985 inc. court fee and court representation.

Possession Claim (Section 21)

Draft & Issue court proceedings, advise and communicate through to conclusion.

*£985 inc. court fee.

*Julie Herbert also acts as a consultant for a London Law Firm, where she will issue your claim under the added protection of the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. Julie will remain in control of your instruction throughout. 

Meet the Bailiff

If you are unable to meet the Bailiff at the date and time specified, we can attend on your behalf. Spare keys must be securely sent to us at least 1 week prior to the eviction date and you must be certain that the locks have not been changed. If there is uncertainty, a locksmith must also be arranged so that access is not an issue. New keys will be posted to you by recorded “signed for” delivery.

Currently covering Kent, Sussex and London areas only.

Meet the Bailiff – £150

Document Templates

We will provide you with template tenancy agreement, template section 8 and section 21 notices, template prescribed information, how to rent guide, EPC and Gas Safety Guide, Tenant Fees Ban Guide, template inventory, useful links and support – £360

Portfolio Landlords and Agents

We will attend your office and review your template contracts, prescribed information, deregulation documents, template notices, breach of contract letters etc.. and answer any questions or queries that your team have, in relation to residential possession procedures.

½ day £300
Full day £450

Appoint a Bailiff

We will apply for a County Court Bailiff to carry out the eviction, once you have secured a Possession Order. We will liaise with the court for the earliest possible date and see the application through to eviction. Estimated time for an eviction date = 8+ weeks. 


We will apply for a High Court Sheriff (if permitted by the court), liaise with the Sheriff’s office for the earliest possible date and see the application through to eviction. Estimated waiting time for an eviction date = 12 days.


Arrange a Locksmith & Meet the Bailiff

If we are meeting the bailiff on your behalf and a locksmith is required, we can arrange and meet the locksmith at the same time as the Bailiff. The locksmith will gain access to the property and provide new keys, which will be sent to you by recorded “signed for” delivery.

Currently covering Kent, Sussex and London areas only.

£200 *

*plus locksmith fee depending on type of locks.

Contact Landlord Litigation for a Same Day Response

01622 438 551
07715 532679


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