Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies

With tight policy margins and the risk of insurance claims increasing, we understand the importance of delivering a punctual service.

When an insurance claim is initiated by a landlord, their tenant has failed to pay the rent and the tenant has become non-responsive to communication. It is therefore imperative that notices seeking possession are served without delay, so that eviction proceedings can begin.

By instructing us to serve notices, issue possession claims and appoint bailiffs, you can rest assured that we will act accurately and swiftly in order to mitigate further financial losses to the insurance company and landlord.

We will attempt to communicate with the tenant throughout the process, in order to ascertain their position and will look for opportunities to have the arrears paid.

We will provide you with:-

  • a simple instruction form to complete;
  • direct Email for instructions to be submitted;
  • a direct line for telephone communication and advice;
  • expert knowledge and regular claim updates;
  • a no hassle experience for your team;
  • solutions, not obstacles;
  • competitive prices, discounted on case volume.

Let us help your landlords get their properties earning again.

Contact Landlord Litigation for a Same Day Response

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