County & High Court Bailiff

County & High Court Bailiff

A Bailiff can be appointed to carry out an eviction, where a landlord has been granted a Possession Order by the County Court.

Generally speaking a County Court Bailiff is appointed to execute the warrant (do the eviction). However, when at court a landlord can ask the Judge to transfer the claim to the High Court so that a High Court Bailiff can be appointed to do the eviction.

Some Judges take offence to such a request and refuse it (don’t worry it doesn’t affect your possession order), other Judges will grant it provided it has been pleaded correctly within your claim form.

It is a more costly exercise to appoint a High Court Bailiff, but a far more rapid service. High Court Bailiff’s can attend and execute the warrant in approximately 2 weeks, over a County Court Bailiff taking a minimum of 6 weeks before carrying out the eviction.

Some busier courts, such as London and outer London can exceed 10 weeks before setting an appointment. It is not the fault of the actual Bailiff, or the back office staff that set the date (unless there has been an administrative error, which can and does happen), it is due to sheer volume of possession claims, demands for a bailiff and lack of manpower to deal with the volume of warrants.

If the rent is due and likely to be unpaid and/or the tenant is damaging the property, a High Court Bailiff is the better way to enforce the Possession Order, in order to minimise risk and mitigate further losses.


Call or email us if you wish to appoint a Bailiff, or if you wish to use our document checking service.


If you have received a Notice of Appointment with the Bailiff you will need to vacate the property and source alternative accommodation.

It is advisable for you to inform your local council if you face homelessness, as they may be able to assist you temporarily.

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